What Should Your Wedding Planner Be Doing For You?


Photo: www.avenue-photo.com

By: Tracey Manailescu of Tracey M Events

What Should Your Wedding Planner Be Doing For You?

When you hire a wedding planner it is because you want the help and guidance of a professional. This might be your first (or second) time planning a wedding, where us on the other hand,  have done this several times before. We’ve worked with, and know, some great vendors who will help fulfill your dreams and expectations. We know the importance of keeping track of budgets, staying within timelines, keeping peace in the family, have some tips for not getting completely overwhelmed, we’ve dealt with common wedding problems, and have learned how to solve them. We require a contract to work with you, and expect you to sign one with every vendor you hire, we also have the proper insurances to run our business.

business contract agreement

A Signed Contract: We require a signed contract to begin working together.  This outlines our duties, expectations and responsibilities to each other. It also states what payment is expected from you and when.

Liability Insurance, as well as E & O: Your wedding planner doesn’t? Uh oh. Having the proper insurance ensures that your wedding planner takes their job seriously, and protects their business. Stuff happens.

We Want You to Feel at Ease With the Planning Process: Working with us as your wedding planner should put your mind at ease.  You will have someone to bounce ideas off of, who will give suggestions, and figure out how to best implement your ideas and turn them into plans.

We’ll Let You Know When You Have A REALLY Bad Idea: We will try to do it tactfully though, so you don’t feel embarrassed (insert wink here). Seriously, if it sounds like trouble and a bit far-fetched, we’re going to call you on it. Not just becasue our name is attached to your wedding, either.  We legit want you to have the best wedding possible.

Family Involvement: Your family loves you, no doubt. However, having not one, but now two families offering “helpful tips” for how best to implement family customs and traditions, where to have your wedding, whom to invite, what your money should be spent on, to the importance of wearing family heirlooms, impressing family friends, all of the way down to useful advice of what worked best for them at their wedding ten or fourty years ago, would make anyone a bit batty (just wait until you have kids, LOL!) We don’t mind mediating family meetings to help find a solution that everyone is happy with. In fact, we are pretty darned good at this.

couple budgeting

Keep Track of Your Spending: Let’s face it.  Weddings are expensive. It doesn’t matter who you are, wedding expenses add up. While we can’t tell you how to spend your money, we sure will be suggesting ways to stay on track and offer alternatives when things seem to be getting out of hand. It doesn’t matter if you are on a shoe-string budget, or having a full-blown luxury wedding, you should still have a budget in mind, and we will try to help you stay within it.

Breaking Down Monthly Tasks: We are BIG fans to “to do” lists. Some might even say, we are slightly obsessed with them. If things are written down, then you are more apt to get them done and not forget about them. Instead of looking at 273 things to do over the next year, we can break down these items into manageable (and realistic) monthly goals for you to achieve. They will be prioritized, so that the most important and time sensitive items are taken care of, when they should be. We will send you reminders, and check in with you monthly to make sure they are getting done.

Of course we could add many more things, but this should give you a pretty good heads up of things to expect after hiring a professional wedding planner.