Wedding Cake Trends


By: Tracey Manailescu

* What are brides looking for in terms of wedding cakes for 2015?

We are seeing a switch for some, back butter-cream icing, somewhat smaller cakes (but 2 or 3) as opposed to the huge stacked ornate cakes of the last two to three years, hand-painted designs, as well as embellishments such as gold foiling, ruffles, delicate flowers made out of icing, edible glitter dusting and metallic’s.

Faberge Cake: Nadia & Co  Photo: *As seen in Elegant Wedding Magazine

Faberge Cake: Nadia & Co
Photo: ~ Styling by: Tracey M Events
*As seen in Elegant Wedding Magazine Winter/Spring 2015


* Any trends that were popular that aren’t so much this coming year?

Sweet tables are going quietly away (unless they are going to be elaborate), regular cupcakes (maybe it’s just me wishing this) however, the beautiful designed ones with embellishments are still hot), and I’ve even seen triple stacked cupcakes for a twist, cakes with only one flavour.  Couples want to personalize everything, so why not have different flavours of cake?



* Any ideas beyond traditional cakes that you’ve seen brides pursue? i.e. cheese towers, candy, etc.?

I personally love the cheese towers! They go well with good wine and a Venetian theme, Quebecois or Spanish themed wedding perfectly.  An example where this would work beautifully is Spain Gourmet catering company ( that serves paella and jamon carving stations.

We have seen Donut Towers; Naked Cakes, Rice Crispy cakes, Oreo cakes, and Croquembouche make a come-back, too. Couples are really trying to showcase their personalities in a variety of places.  If it is not in the main cake then it can be done in the Groom’s cake which is also back in a big way.


* Popular colours and flavours?

Some popular colours for 2015 wedding cakes would be water colours, rose gold, metallic gold’s, silver’s and blues are where it looks like it’s going for 2015.

Fun flavours can make for very happy guests: Cream cheese, banana cream, bubble gum, maple syrup and bacon, cinnamon, etc. These would certainly make for some happy guests as well as hit social media. Have fun with the wedding planning.  You never know what your cake designer can do if you don’t ask, right?

Oreo Brownie Bowl Cake by: Love from The Oven

Oreo Brownie Bowl Cake by: Love from The Oven


* Any dos and don’ts for brides when searching out cake options?

Please make sure to go with reputable cake bakers and designers.  Even though Aunt Sally makes wonderful cakes for family gatherings, it is not the same thing as hiring a professional, who is trained for food handling. Circumstances that come to mind would be cross-contamination, food allergies, animals in the home coming into kitchen area, as well as knowing what to do with the structure as to ensure that the cake will not topple over with the weight of additional levels during construction and transportation to the venue, adding items as decoration (such as florals) into the cake that have no right to be there (due to being soaked in floral preservatives).